Chicken And Mushroom Lasagne!

Something a little different, yet so simple! Easy to get ready well ahead of time and simply heat through when ready to eat! This is my ‘basic’ recipe – you can add to it what you wish; broccoli, sweetcorn, bacon… Serves a family of 4!


Ingredients :
• 500g chicken, cooked and in small chunks
• 250g mushrooms
• Lasagne sheets
• White Lasagne sauce
• Grated cheddar cheese

Method :
• Prep the chicken into small cooked chunks
• Chop your mushrooms to the desired size
• Boil the lasagne sheets, according to the packaging – time varies depending on type
• Mix together your chicken, mushroom and about 3/4 of the lasagne sauce
• Begin to spoon into a dish. I don’t like too many layers, so do a base layer of the chicken mix, lasagne sheet, another layer of chicken mix, another lasagne sheet
• Spread the remaining lasagne sauce over this layer, and cover with grated cheese
• Place in the oven and cook for 15-20 minutes, until hot and bubbling
• Serve up and enjoy! Great with crusty baguettes and sweetcorn!

Schwartz Flavour Shots review!

Do you find yourself buying the same sauces and recipe mixes week in week out? Fancy a change? Try the new Schwartz Flavour Shots! Full of flavour in a tiny package, these make such a difference flavour wise to your meal!


We were lucky enough to receive a wonderful package from Schwartz last week, containing the 5 new flavour shots. The flavours were sweet and sour, Indian mild masala, Thai red curry, smoky Spanish paprika chicken, and Mexican fajitas.

To be honest, I was a little doubtful, holding the small ‘shot’. I thought there was no way they would give the same amount of flavour as my usual mixes. I hold my hands up – I WAS SO WRONG!

First off, on the lid you will see what you need. For example, if you need to add milk, water and any vegetables. To use the shots, you simply peel off the cardboard, where you find the cooking instructions. To begin with I always prepped everything I had to add first, as I loved the smells right from the initial hob flicking on and didn’t want to leave it! Yes I’m one of those stand over and soak up the scents kinda gal! You peel back the lid of the shot, and mix the contents together – I use a fork as it breaks it all down better. This brings together the oil and recipe mix contents of the shot. Then you simply follow the instructions!


We have tried them all over the last few days, for lunches and dinners, and I just say, they work for both! We had fajitas for lunch one day and wow! Never had such flavour from a home made fajita! The currys were both very authentic – full of spice and taste. Certainly pleasing the taste buds! The sweet and sour made me wonder – it tasted so different to the regular processed jar I use! It was much fresher, yet with a deep full flavour. And then we had the Spanish paprika chicken – had a bit of a kick to it and left the tongue tingling for more!


It was very easy to adapt it for family who needed less spice too (children for example). A dollop of creme fraiche on top which melts down over, and you have a much milder flavour! I too tried this, and it still tastes amazing!


In general, I was so so impressed. The packaging is small, yet clear – very good for the environment. The flavours were divine – different and leaves you satisfied. Ease of use – well, it couldn’t be much simpler! Step by step instructions and easy to use packaging makes for quick cooking.

So if you are looking for something different from your upcoming meals, look no further than Schwartz! Available now in all good food stockists from as little as 99p!

Schwartz – “Flavour Shots are a blend of spices, herbs and seasonings infused in sunflower oil for amazing tasting meals in a shot. There are five delicious varieties available; Chinese Sweet and SourIndian Mild Masala CurryMexican FajitasSpanish Smoked Paprika Chicken and Thai Red Curry, all of which are so simple to prepare – just Spoon, Sizzle and Serve!Shots are available to buy in Asda and Morrisons at the Herbs and Spices fixture and in Tesco and Sainsbury’s at the Packet Mix fixture. Alternatively you can also buy the full range here on”

Visit Schwartz at for more information!

BBQ Sausage and Coleslaw Kebabs!

Simple, tasty and fast! These cost me no more than 1.30! Enough for a family of 2 adults 2 children (2 pittas per adult, 1 for each child).


Ingredients :
• 8 sausages
• 200g coleslaw
• BBQ sauce – either 1/5 jar ready made cooking sauce, or 3-4 tbsp condiment sauce
• 6 pack pittas

Method :
• Cook up the sausages, then cut into small pieces
• In a saucepan, place the sausages and add over the BBQ sauce. Heat through
• Warm the pittas (I use garlic and coriander pittas for extra flavours!)
• Slice open and cover one side in coleslaw
• Place the sausage pieces on top of the coleslaw, close over and serve up! Great with potato wedges!

* based on asda prices using smartprice products where possible, 16/11/2013

Eggless cookies!

Fancy some yummy cookies but have no eggs? Try this delicious eggless recipe! So easy and super tasty!


Makes 8-10

Ingredients :
• 450g self raising flour
• 225g caster sugar
• 225g butter
• 200g melted chocolate, if wanted
• chocolate chips, smarties, raisins etc optional fillings

Method :
• mix together the sugar and butter
• add to this the flour, and mix in to a dough
• stir in melted chocolate and optional fillings if using
• roll into balls, small golf balls, and flatten down, about 1.5cm thick
• place in a greased / non stick tray in a preheated oven at 180c, for 15 minutes
• allow to cool for 5 minutes, then enjoy!


Saucy Sausages!

Now this is a bargain! A great tasting meal for a family of 4 for under £1.50!

5 ingredients, 5 steps from start to serve. Enough said!


Ingredients :
• 8 sausages
• 100g mushrooms
• 1 onion
• 1 tin of condensed mushroom soup
• Dash of milk

Method :
• Precook the sausages, then cut into pieces
• In a saucepan, fry off the onion and mushrooms
• Add the tin of condensed soup and allow to bubble. Add a dash of milk and stir
• Add the sausages to the mix and simmer to warm everything through together
• Serve on a bed of spaghetti/pasta, and enjoy!

* based on supermarket own label branded products